Thursday, June 9, 2016

~today's notes~

  • A new screen in the student database we use to see course overrides... yes, that's important... sorta. I am always looking to learn more screens!
  • I discovered that the crazy noise making, multi-song, jumping up and down on the telephone pole bird that was screeching it's head off today is a northern mockingbird...  and that is why I chose this for my blog name... I loved listening to him... and creeks remind me of home and relaxing in the country... 
  • Regarding "mockingbird creek"... I found out that there is other things named this:
    • an organic farm in OH:
    • that there really is a "Mockingbird Creek" in Delaware. 
  • One of the mockingbird's sounds was almost like laughter... it cracked me up every time it cycled through. It also made me really remember how amazing nature is.